1. Ebuddy E-1 serials connector: Compatible with  Lemo B serials connector
  • Size: 00B/0B/1B/2B
  • Pins: 2-32pins
  • Female socket: EGG/ECG/EEG/PHG


2. Ebuddy E-2 serials connector: Compatible with Lemo K serials connector
  • Size: 0K/1K/2K
  • Pins: 2-32pins
  • Male plug: FGG/FHG/FGA/FGB/FGC/FNG/FAG..
  • Female socket: EGG/ECG/EEG/PHG..

3. Ebuddy E-3 serials connector: Compatible with Lemo S serials connector
  • Size: 00S/0S/1S
  • Pins: 1-6pins
  • Male plug: FFA
  • Female socket: ERA

4. Ebuddy E-4 serials connector: Compatible with Lemo/Redel P serials connector
  • Size: 1P/1P
  • Pins: 2-14pins
  • Male plug: PAG/PAA/PAB/PAC…
  • Female socket: PKG/PKA/PKB/PKC…

5. Ebuddy E-5 serials connector: Compatible with Fischer connector
  • Size: 102/103
  • Pins: 2-7pins

6. Ebuddy Cable Assembly Service: Do cable assembly  with Lemo/ODU/Fishcer/Hirose……..


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